Ccna Network Simulator


JavaNetSim  v.0.41

javaNetSim (Java Network Simulator) - it's a fork of a project jFirewallSim.

NS-Mapper  v.0.2.8

The NS-Mapper ad-hoc scenario editor is improved and extended by adding more realistic strategies, such as random based node placement, movement and traffic to the ad-hoc simulation of the Network Simulator 2 (NS-2).


OpenSimMPLS  v.1.0

OpenSimMPLS is an MPLS network simulator, multiplatform and mutilanguage.

Pushloc  v.0.3.3

A wireless push-network simulator that considers locality of demand for performance improvement.

TraceMetrics  v.1.0.1

TraceMetrics is a trace file analyzer for Network Simulator 3 (ns-3).

CCNA CertSim

The Cisco exams are hard and getting harder. Now you can confidently prepare for the CCNA exam by using CCNA CertSim. You are presented with an authentic representation of the CCNA 640-801 exam. Reduce your test anxiety by practicing with the same type

CCNA FlashCards

RouterSim's FlashCards is a robust CCNA exam prep program that you can use in preparing for your CCNA exam. You can interact with over 300 top quality multiple-choice questions, depending on the level of interaction and difficulty you choose. Level 1 - is

VE Network Catcher Lite

Shunra's VE Network Catcher Lite is a free, standalone network monitoring tool that records and displays latency and packet loss between your PC and any internet site. This freeware tool is ideal for monitoring the quality of your network link. For more

Network Learning Tools

The Cisco CCNA test is becoming more difficult. You may receive between 1 and 4 scenario-based questions where you need to finish configuring a network.Our web-based application allows you to practice these types of scenarios, in problem solving real

Stereoscope 3D Simulator for Mac  v.0.95

Blinkenlights Stereoscope is going to display a huge variety of animations and real-time games at the same time and it's go to be stunning to watch in person.

Shunra VE Desktop

Shunra's VE Desktop Standard emulates a Wide Area Network (WAN) network link so you can test applications under a variety of current and potential network conditions from your desktop. Isolate network impairments such as latency, jitter, packet loss and

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